Monday, February 6, 2012

Keep Austin Weird

One of my Christmas presents this year was tickets to my favorite musical, Wicked! 

After work on Friday, we packed the car and headed to Austin!  Traffic wasn't bad on the way down and we were in Austin before we knew it!  Our hotel was in a part of town where there was little parking and quite a few cars!  I may or may not have been stressing out in the passenger seat for the last 10 minutes of the drive. 

After getting checked into the hotel, we had dinner at a little diner called The Snack Bar in front of the hotel. We met Will's parents for dinner and they took his dog back to their house for the weekend. After perusing the menu, I decided that I wasn't NOT in an adventurous mood (yep, it was one of "those" places) and ordered a cheeseburger.  Will was feeling like ordering something new, and ordered lentil Soup, then was surprised when he didn't like it.  Really?!?  It's lentil soup...what's to love?!? Just goes to show you that my theory of "when in doubt, order a burger" works! 

Saturday, we walked up and down Congress Street (mostly because I didn't want to move the car again), and wasted time going in and out of antique shops and boutiques.  My major score of the weekend was a black coat that was originally $150, marked down to $50!  We ate brunch and bloody marys at the fabulous Congress Street made up for the mediocre food from the night before. We also stopped by Hey Cupcake for some amazing cupcakes!  We walked around a little bit more, then went back to the hotel to rest for a bit before the theatre!

Wicked started at 8, and we got to the theatre around 7:20, so we got to people watch ( which means I judged people based on what they are wearing).  Wicked was as wonderful as it was the first 2 times! 

After Wicked, I had promised to take Will for Amy's Ice Cream, this local ice cream shop that he raved about.  Well the valet decided just to leave my car on the street and we had to hunt down the keys...those valet people aren't the brightest bunch...they wouldn't give us the key to MY car.  They wanted proof it was my car, I asked it the valet ticket we had with the number that matched the tag on the key was enough proof...idiots...

We didn't think we would make it to Amy's after the valet fiasco, but when we drove by it was still open...after hours!  We parked the car at the hotel and ran across the street, he got his Amy's Ice Cream as promised! 

We woke up on Sunday morning and had a nice long breakfast at IHOP with his parents and sister and then headed back to Dallas to make Mark and Greer's Super Bowl party!   All in all it was a great weekend!