Sunday, March 31, 2013

Cinnamon Creek Ranch

Quite awhile back (like before Christmas), I found a Groupon for a 4 hour archery session at a local archery range.  I figured this was right up Will's alley, so I purchased it for him as a birthday gift (I had already finished his Christmas shopping).  I figured he would want to call up one of his buddies and head out one day, so I was a little surprised when he wanted me to tag along! 

It was a perfect day to be outside! The temp was 65, and a little wind kept us cool while outside. 

When we arrived, they handed us bows, a few arrows and sent us to the indoor short range to practice a bit.  Then we headed to the longer indoor range (targets were further away), then finally outside to the "zoo".  Trails were carved out and they had 30-40 animal targets to shoot at.  We had a blast!

Even though we had 4 hours, we only lasted about 3.  Archery was much harder on our arms than we thought! 

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Our Forever Home

Several people have been asking to see pictures of our forever home, especially since we moved in and changed things.  I wanted to wait until we had everything done, and that meant having everything moved out of the townhouse.  While it was on the market, the townhouse still had some furniture, so it could be staged.  Now that the townhouse offically sold, we officially moved everything out and in the forever house!  I'm finally ready to show pictures!

This is the before/after of the eat-in kitchen, the very large eat-in kitchen! We took down the awful valences (that were hung up on tree branches, literal tree branches- first thing to go), had the wallpaper taken down, textured the walls and painted the kitchen.  Really opens it up! We also moved the light fixture to the formal dining.

More kitchen views:

Family room, all we did here was put a fresh coat of paint on the walls

Formal dining, a fresh coat of paint and changed light fixture.

Formal living, we are using this as an "office" for the time being, as the "office" room upstairs will be the nursery when we have kids.

Master bedroom, new paint! I absoutely love this color!

(I promise we make the bed, but CC decides to unmake it when she wants to burrow under the covers.)

Master bath, we haven't done anything yet, but I eventually I want the wall paper to come down!

I didn't clean off the counter before I took the picture!

Second living room (upstairs) got a new paint color.

Guest bedroom #1, no change.

Guest bedroom #2, new paint.

Full bath #1 upstairs, the wallpaper coming down is my summer project!
There are two more rooms and one more full bath upstairs.  The room directly at the top of the stairs will be the nursery eventually.  The other is actually a finished attic space, that will be a playroom/craft room.  It has sloped ceilings, so it may not bed a bedroom, unless one of the kids really wants it down the road. 
There is also a half bath downstairs, just off the laundry room (but I don't like pictures with toilets in them).
We have an amazing backyard with lots of rooms for dogs to run and play, and plenty of squirrels for them to bark at.  I love our neighborhood and our neighbors have been great so far! 
I honestly don't think I could have dreamed up a better house.  While there are surface things that I want changed due to my tastes, the house is perfect.  We have tons of attic space for storage, and more than enough rooms.  I absoutely love cooking in my new kitchen and have amazing counter/prep space, and more cabinet space than I can fill up right now (but I'm working on that). 
We are so happy to call this our forever home! 


I've been MIA from the blogging world for awhile, but things have been pretty stressful around here!  I'm very happy to report that one stressor has been removed...
My townhouse has SOLD!
Since we bought the forever house in December, we did a few surface renovations, and moved in.  My townhouse went on the market in mid-January, and had a contract on it in 6 days.  6. Days.  Plus, we got what we wanted for it, which was a huge relief.  The inspection asked for an AC service, but that's it, which made it very easy.  I am so blessed that we got a quick contract on it, and then even more blessed that the 10 day option period expired before the townhouse next to me went into foreclosure, that would have been dreadful if I didn't have my contract. 
The process of closing on the house was the most stressful part, especially when the title company calls 2 hours before I'm supposed to be signing papers to say the closing has been post-poned.  Then my realtor tells me she is going out of town, so the closing is pushed back a few more days. 
The closing was re-scheduled for Friday at 4:30, the last possible appointment of the week.  My stomach was in knots all day on Friday, and every time my phone went off, my heart dropped a little.  I was still on edge when we walked into the office, but relaxed when they told me they were gathering all the papers for me to sign.  It was finally done!  I never imagined that it would sell so quickly! 
While I am sad that I no longer own the townhouse, I am so excited to close that chapter.  I had a great life in that little house, and it was perfect for what I needed at that time.  Those walls heard many laughs, many tears, many friendly voices, and much love.  I am so thankful that I was able to be a homeowner at such a young age, and it really helped me know what I really want in my forever home!  I'm so excited about our new home and can't wait to make even more memories here in this new chapter of my life!