Monday, November 12, 2012

Rough Monday

Mondays are always rough, but this one was the most disappointing in a while. 

I've been pretty open about the fact that we are house hunting.  As much as I love my little town house, it's simply not big enough for the two of us, plus two dogs, not to mention when we start a family. 

I hate house hunting, there is almost nothing I like about it.  I get frustrated enough shopping for clothes that fit correctly that I like, house hunting nearly sends me over the edge. 

The first day we went out, we looked at 13 houses.  We saw some we really liked and some we really didn't like.  The second day we went out we saw about 6 more, again, some we really liked and some we didn't.  

We thought it over for a week, went to the bank, and decided to take a second look at two houses.  After more discussion, we called our realtor and told her we wanted to make an offer on one of the houses. 

Early Sunday morning, she sent us the paperwork, we signed and initialed it and sent it back.  We waiting all day on Sunday, but never heard anything.  This morning (Monday), our realtor texted us to tell us the seller had already accepted an offer on Saturday morning. 

I got my hopes up...I pictured us in that house.  I pictured myself in that kitchen making breakfasts and dinners.  I pictured where the nursery would go and how the play rooms would be set up.  I let myself get really attached to a house and I'm now heartbroken that someone else gets it. 

I hate house hunting. 

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Things I've Been Wondering About

Things have been very busy around here lately, planning a wedding, trying to decide where to be for holidays, house hunting, working, and trying not to go crazy have taken up the majority of my life lately.
While all these things keep my body busy, my mind has been on overdrive. 
Here are a few things I've wondered about lately:

1.  Why are there so many "fad" diets and workouts popping up?  What happened to working out and eating healthy?  Why do we have to eat shakes with chemicals instead of fruit in the morning? 

2.  Why are parents letting their very young children listen to crappy music so much that a 3 year old or a 5 year old can go on The Ellen Show and sing Nicky Minaj (or however you spell it) word-for-word, but they can't count to twenty? 

3.  Why do people who put their house on the market when they don't want to take care of it?  We were in a house yesterday and in one of the kids' rooms (obviously a teenager) there was a poster with very vulgar words and phrases on it.  This poster was well displayed in the room.  Really?  Although, I will say, they also had Bama stuff in the room...just sayin...

4.  Why do people who are given so many amazing opportunities in life seem to believe they are owed more in life? 

5.  Why can everyone else find cute clothes, but me? Seriously, if you have a place where you find all of these super cute tops and dresses, please fill me in on them! 

6.  Why can I follow directions on a "crafty project" but mine looks nothing like the pictures?