Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Why I'm annoyed with facebook

I will be the first to admit, I probably troll facebook more than I should, but most of the time, I just lurk, I don't post much anymore.  There are a few personal reasons for this (such as I don't feel the need to share every detail of my life with everyone on Facebook), but honestly, we are pretty boring and don't have much to share anyway, haha. 

There have been a few things happening on facebook lately that have annoyed me, in no particular order. 
- Sharing recipes on facebook.  Come one people, if you want recipes, go to Pinterest. 
- The "ads" that are coming up in my news feed.  All of these "sponsered links" need to go. 
- The buy/sell/trade groups.  There is already a spot for that people, Craigslist!
- The "share" button.  I think this may be my biggest complaint.  While I have used the "share" button, I share pictures.  People are getting a little too share happy.  People are sharing "news" stories without actually reading the full story, or without checking to see if the story is real or even current!  With all of the "news" sites floating around, anyone can be a reporter now.  People are sharing stories that are simply not true and getting others worked up.  This is ridiculous.  Get your news from whatever your prefered news source is, but make sure that the story is credible. 

What happened to the facebook where everyone shared fun statuses and fun wedding pictures/vacation pictures/baby pictures?  Can we bring that facebook back?

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

My Best Friend's Wedding

Since Sarah and I met in 6th grade, we have been great friends!  We've had our road bumps, but we've always made it through and been there for each other.  Even though we haven't lived in the same city for 12 years, we remain close. 

Like the silly high school girls we were, we promised each other that even though we were going to be hundreds of miles away, we would stay close in college and be bridesmaids in each others weddings.  Little did we know, we would be fufilling those promises within two months of each other! 
I am so lucky to have gotten to stand right next to Sarah on her wedding day.  Sarah's motto for the day was "there's no crying in baseball" and I managed to make it through the ceremony without tears.  I had a moment when she handed me her bouquet, but I quickly locked it up! 
Sarah and Medlock's wedding was absoutely breathtaking.  Everything went so smoothly and flawlessly!  Sarah was an absoutely beautiful bride, and Med was so handsome in his seersucker suit!  The weather was perfect (the ceremony was outdoors), everyone stuck to the schedule, the ceremony represented Sarah and Medlock very well, I honestly don't think anything could have made it any better!
I have been so blessed by having Sarah and her family in my life.  Her parents were like my second parents growing up; I think I was over at her house as much as I was at my own house.  We have so many memories together and inside jokes to laugh about, and I wouldn't trade that for anything!  I can't wait until we get to do it all over again in two months!
Congradulations Sarah and Medlock!  I wish you both all the happiness in the world!