Thursday, March 31, 2011

March Madness

March Madness has taken on a whole new meeting this year. Yes, the bracket I did fell apart after the Sweet 16, I'm dealing with that...I mean, VCU, come on! March Madness has brought: 7th grade Writing TAKS test 2 TAKS trainings 4 budget meetings, none of which are good Spring Break (don't get me wrong, I loved the break, but we covered about 2,000 miles in 6 days) 2 reports for my masters class 2 tests for my masters class 2 weeks straight of reviewing for 8th grade Math TAKS 1 doctor's visit that brought 1 sinus infection and 1 bronchitis diagnosis and 2 Z-Pack and 1 inhaler prescription (and y'all know I NEVER go to the doctor unless I have to) 1 sick boyfriend (who totally blames me, but I had (have) an's not my fault!) Countless department and team meetings where nothing was accomplished Plus my normal crazy days... Is it April yet? Oh will be in 6 hours!

Friday, March 25, 2011

Why do we have sinuses?

Why do we have sinuses when they cause us so much pain? What is the point? I don't see any, other than to make my past two weeks to be yucky!

It started two weeks ago, right before spring break. My throat was scratchy, I lost my voice, but otherwise I was ok. Then I got my voice back, but it brought a cough along with it. The cough didn't go away, but I did inherit a stuffy nose. Over the past few days I've gone through an entire box and a half of tissues...I didn't know that much snot could be in one person.

I've tried everything I could think of, steam treatments, over the counter, pressure points, netti pot...nothing worked. Finally today I went to Care Now. Luckily, there were no other sick people there, so I was seen fairly quickly.

When the doctor came in to examine me, she, of course, asked what was wrong. I told her I had a sinus infection. She asked what my symptoms were and how long they had been affecting me. After looking into my ears, nose and throat, listening to my chest and asking a few questions, the very nice doctor finally said what I already told her, a sinus infection and bronchitis. I know I didn't go to medical school, but I do know my body. I should have gotten a discount for already knowing my diagnosis...I saved her some work. So she gave me a presecription for a Z-Pack and an inhaler and sent me along my way.

So as I sit here, wanting to peel my face off with my bare hands just to release the pressure in my head, waiting for the Z-pack to kick in, I can't help but wonder...why do we really need sinuses anyway?

Monday, March 21, 2011

Beach Week Part 2

So while we were at the beach, we actually did go to the beach! Most days there was a cold wind that made it difficult (read: cold) to sit out on the beach in a bathing suit. We did however take lots of walks on the beach during the morning and evenings (my favorite times on the coast). The crystal clear water and the soft, white sand were beautiful! This is what a real beach looks like.
Finally on Thursday, the wind stopped blowing and we were able to lay out on the beach comfortably!
Will decided to dare me to bury him in the sand. I didn't really feel like digging a hole, so I just decided to start dumping sand on him! I think I enjoyed it more than he's amazing he puts up with me at all...

There were several kids (of all ages) building sand castles and sand creations all over the beach, but this one really caught our eyes. It was obviously a time consuming endeavor, and I'm pretty sure a 5 year-old didn't build it. Oh yeah, after I decided to cover Will with sand, he had to go into the FREEZING cold Gulf to wash off...I could have been supportive and gone in with him (since I was the reason he was having to go in in the first place), but I thought it was a much better (read:warmer) idea to take pictures instead! Like I said, it's amazing he puts up with me at al!

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Beach Week Part 1

My wonderful Uncle Scott and Aunt Judy bought a beautiful house in Seacrest, FL last year, and were kind enough to offer it to us for Spring Break! Feeling very land-locked and missing the sun, I jumped at the chance to stay in the beach house.

After a fun-filled 13 hour drive, Will and I finally arrived. My parents joined us on Monday, as they stayed in Lafayette an extra day.

Will and I took Monday to explore the area of Rosemary Beach and Seacrest. There were so many cute shops and restaurants, and all in walking distance! If you are ever in the area, you should definitely eat at Summer Kitchen Cafe (the pan fried grouper was excellent),

La Creama Tapas and Chocolate (everything was wonderful...except Will's chocolate with pepper, YUK!)

and George's (the salmon BLT was awesome).

We got brave one night and walked the The Sugar Shak...picture this, a small store, packed with lots of kids, a few adults and enough sugar to send you into a diabetic coma!

It was a little chilly to be laying on the beach, but we found lots of fun things to do in the meantime!

The area is VERY bike friendly, so Will and I took the bikes out a few times...of course I chose a baby blue bike with a basket on the front! It was fun looking at all the houses for sale and dreaming of owning one one day.

We drove down to Seaside (only about 15 miles down the road) and walked around all the little shops, which was fun!

Of course, no trip to the beach is complete without a little outlet shopping! I picked up a couple of new pairs of shorts (one really cute madras print pair), a new Polo oxford (like I needed a new one), but my favorite purchase of the day was this:
I have been looking for a silver purse for about 3 years now, and just haven't found one I've loved. I don't usually go in the Coach store (I don't really care for the Coach logo, and the ones without it are usually more than I care to pay for a purse), but my mom texted me and said that Coach had some cute purses. When I walked in, a very nice sales lady handed me a coupon for 20% anything in the store. For those of you who are non-Coach store people, this happens often in the Coach outlet, usually I just end up leaving mine on a table somewhere. We were about to walk out when this silver beauty caught my eye. The original retail price was $375, but it was marked down to $199, add on a 20% discount and I bought myself a $400 purse for $160! I was quite proud of myself! Maybe I'll spend a little more time in the Coach outlet next time!
Stay tuned for more beach pics!

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Stupid Clock

So while I was on vacation, the time changed. While I didn't like the idea of losing an hour of sleep, I love the fact that the sun doesn't go down until almost 8pm!

When I arrived back home this afternoon, I went about changing all the clocks to the correct time so that I am not an hour late to everything! The downstairs clocks were easy, however the clock in my bedroom was not cooperating.
I've had this clock for years, so I have no clue where the manual is. The clock has a CD player, which hasn't worked in at least 3 years, as it will not open the door to let me have my CD back. I don't even know which CD is in there because it won't play it either!

I haven't gotten rid of it because I really only use the clock part/alarm, and that part still works. I don't know how, but I've gotten the clock to change every other time change. So now I guess comes the eternal I continue to stress myself out trying to change this stupid thing, or do I just break down and buy a new one? I know it's so old-school to use a "real alarm clock" and not my phone, but I use my phone as a back-up. Plus, I'm always paranoid that the power will go out and my phone will be dead, and this clock works even when the power goes out, so I will still wake up on time.
Welcome home!
Stay tuned for tomorrow when I (hopefully) will update with pics from the beach!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Coastal Life

So...I've decided that I'm not meant to live in a landlocked city. I've had way too much fun and relaxation at the beach with my family to go back to city life!
I have loved not having to wear make-up, even to dinner (6 days makeup skin is singing!), wearing flip-flops and Sperrys (if I'm even wearing footwear at all), waking up and taking walks on the beach, playing in the sand, eating seafood fresh from the Gulf...yeah...I could sooo live this life!

It's not just the lifestyle, it's the style down here, everything is so relaxed! Columbia fishing shirts, Polo oxfords (untucked of course), shorts, wavy hair, sun glasses...I'm gonna miss it!

Tomorrow we head to Lafayette to visit family (and eat some really good food), then back to DFW on Saturday. While I'm not looking forward to going back to work and being a ball of stress again, I am looking forward to sleeping in my own bed and cuddling with my CC girl! I've missed her terribly!

A HUGE THANK YOU to my Uncle Scott and Aunt Judy for letting us stay at their amazing beach house in Seacrest this week! The house is beautiful and I can't wait to come back and visit!
P.S.- I will post pictures when I get back...I forgot my connector cables!