Sunday, April 15, 2012

Wedding dress shopping

Since my parents are moving to Seattle (Wayne is already up there, he started his new job last week), I spent one of my first day as a fiancee looking at pictures of wedding dresses and made an appointment at Bridal Boutique in Lewisville.  I wanted my mom to have the experience of coming with me to try on dresses. 

Amanda, my mom and I arrived in Lewisville a little early and spent some time talking wedding talk.  I had never tried on wedding dresses before, and I was a bit nervous.  We looked around the store a bit and I began to feel way overwhelmed.  There were so many dresses packed into that store, I didn't know where to start!

We meet with Melissa, my consultant.  She talked to me about what I liked, what I didn't want and walked me around the store to get a feel of what I was looking for in my perfect dress. 

Some of the things I said I wanted/didn't want:
No strapless
A-line skirt
No sweetheart neckline
No major beading
No all over lace
Cathedral veil

The wonderful Melissa pulled several dresses in different silouttes so I could see what looked best on me.  The first two dresses I tried on were full skirts and were HEAVY! I mean, I feel like I was working out just wearing the dress! 
I did love the third dress I tried was lace on the top, had a low-cut V neckline and a long satin-y skirt.  We added a satin belt with flowers to it up the "wow-factor".  For about 2 minutes, I thought I found my dress, but Melissa insisted that I keep searching. 
 While I was trying on dresses, there was another girl there to try on dresses, she tried one on that mom my loved and told Melissa that she wanted to see me in that dress. The other bride decided that was her dress, so it took awhile to get it off her ;)
I tried on a few more dresses, some drop waist, some more A-line skirts, but nothing that screamed out at me.  Melissa handed me the dress that the previous bride picked. 

As soon as I walked out, Amanda started crying...always a good sign! I loved the dress, but it was strapless, something I didn't want.  Melissa ran to the back to find some lace scraps to "make" off the shoulder sleeves.  It was just the touch I needed.  We put on a Cathedral veil, but something wasn't right.  We replaced it with a finger tip veil and it was just perfect.  Everything was coming together, plus the price was at the LOW end of our price range, even better!

I obviously won't post pictures here, but I can't wait until my dress comes in!
I never imagined that I would purchase my dress on the first trip shopping, I don't even think I tried on 10 dresses! 

Next up on the agenda is the meeting with the wedding coordinator at the church on Tuesday!  Stay tuned!

An Engagement Story

I am very happy to announce that

Here are the answers to all of your questions:
What does the ring look like?
Note...these are not the best pictures...light wasn't great today when I took pictures, but this will give you an idea!


"He went to Jared!"

Side much prettier in person!

How did he do it?
We were in Lafayette visiting my family for the Easter weekend.  Saturday night, he made reservations at Cafe Vermillionville, one of my favorite restuarants.  During dinner, he was fairly quiet and let me do most of the talking. After a wonderful dinner, Will want to go "walk in the garden" on the side of Cafe V.  While we were in one of the darker corners (he knew I didn't want people watching) he told me he loved me very much and if it was ok if he asked me a very important question.  Even though I was kind of expecting it, my heart still started racing.  When I said yes, he dropped down onto one knee, pulled the ring box out of his pocket and asked me to marry him!  Of course I said YES!!!  Afterwards, we celebrated with coffee and dessert at CC's Coffeehouse and began making phone calls to tell people our news! 

When is the wedding?
We meet with the church coordinator on Tuesday evening to officially put our date on the calendar, but we are shooting for an afternoon wedding in June of 2013. 

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

World-1, L-0

Do you ever have one of those "it's-me-against-the-world" days?  Well I had one of those days and the world won...

But, I am alive, our area was not hit by a tornado!  We were not even "duck and cover" mode at my school!