Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Costa Rican Honeymoon Day 5

Soo, I've been a bad blogger, I forgot to update my last day in Costa Rica!

We decided to take our last day in paradise easy.  We started with our normal breakfast buffet (with my favorite watermelon juice), then headed out into the Pacific for kayaking!  The views were breathtaking!  I love that we can go on adventures together!  We spent the rest of the morning laying by the pool sipping on colorful drinks!

After kayaking, we headed to the spa for massages and reflexology!  The spa was so nice and we went early to take advantage of the spa pools and hot tubs. It was the perfect way to end our week! 

After one final dinner, we headed back to our room for our last night in Costa Rica.  We finally were able to get reservations at the Asian Fusion restaurant on the resort!   As much as we loved our honeymoon, we were ready to come back home and back to the "real world". 

The next morning, we packed up, headed off to one more breakfast, then headed to the airport.  The airport in  Liberia,Costa Rica is a small, crowded little place.  They only have a few flights in and out each day, so it gets really crowded.  You also have to go through security when you get there, have your bags sniffed by the drug dogs, then go through another "mini-security" before boarding.  Luckily, we were in first class, so we were able to board first. 

We finally arrived home around 11:00 Saturday night, totally exhausted, but so glad to sleep in our own bed with our dogs!  One of the best things I did was change our sheets on the bed before we left.  It was so nice to crawl into clean sheets! 

We've adjusted back to real life/ married life really well.  Since we lived together before the wedding, not much has changed, which is kind of nice. 

We embark on our next adventure this week!  I am loving this marriage thing! 
More details on the adventure later (and no I'm not preggo...yet)!

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