Thursday, June 27, 2013

Costa Rican Honeymoon- Day 4

After our excursion on day 3, we decided to just take it easy on Thursday.  We slept in, took our time going to breakfast, then headed back to our room to change into bathing suits.  We laid around by the pool for a bit, then headed to the beach to snorkel. 

Some friends of ours let us borrow their waterproof camera for our honeymoon, so we tried taking pictures of our snorkeling adventure.  Of the probably 50 pictures we took, only about 5 of them came out!  We have lots of half faces, blurry ocean pics, and one picture of just the top of my swimsuit (read- my boobs), I'm not sure if Will "accidentally" took that picture.  With the tide coming in and out, it was really hard to get clear pictures! 

As we were heading out, I felt a small sting on my finger, but figured that I just cut it on something and the salt water was bothering it.  After snorkeling for about 30 minutes, I felt a sting all over my left arm.  I swam up to the surface, pulled off my mask, and realized I had a jellyfish tentacle wrapped around my arm.  I haven't been stung by a jellyfish in probably 20 years, and I forgot how bad that sting can feel!  I unwrapped the tentacle, called out to Will, and started swimming back to shore.  Will took our gear back to the water activities desk, and I asked an employee how they treat jellyfish stings, he smiled and told me they used vinegar.  I headed to the nearest open restaurant (luckily only a few steps away) and asked for a cup of vinegar.  The waiters looked at me strangely, but brought me a cup.  He wouldn't actually give me the cup until I promised him I wouldn't drink it!  I poured the vinegar over my arm and luckily the sting started to ease.  We headed back to our room to shower and change. 

In the afternoon, we signed up for a couple's massage lesson.  Our honeymoon friends, Lauren and her husband Sunjay, were there as well!  Daniel, our favorite activities guy, lead us to a gazebo that was near one of the ponds on the resort.  A massage therapist met us there and we got lessons on how to properly give a massage!  Toward the end of our lesson, it started raining, and like any great resort, they had umbrellas for us, in case we got caught in the rain! 

After our massage, we were talking to Daniel and told him we hadn't seen monkeys since our first day on the resort, and he took us to an "employees only" area where the monkeys like to hang out.  Of course they weren't out in the rain, but when we went by later, we saw several monkeys in the trees!

We ended our day with another great dinner and watching the Spurs unfortunately lose to the Heat in a great Game 7 of the NBA finals.  I laughed throughout the commentary of the games because the commentary was in Spanish, but dubbed in English!

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